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idea: 2015.11.07, drawing: 2015.11.21

Grill on a balcony

During the summer, or maybe even in the spring, the balcony grilling season will begin. Maybe – before the winter came – it is wise to test solutions that can be useful in the next season. For example when your neighbour downstairs will make a high bonfire, you can use your hot balcony floor as a frying pan or a grill.
HUM_HA_propoz_120_HIL_2015-10-25idea & drawing – ca. 1995

Angels in hell

angels in hell

concept and drawing: ca. 1995


washington 2
idea 2015.05.23, drawing 2015.05.24


drawing: 2012.09.03, adaptation to English: 2015.05.23

Hello, Honey!

hello honey
idea & drawing: 1997, adaptation to the English version: 2015.05.17


idea & drawing ca. 2003

Celebrity Trash!

Celebrity Trash is a tv show that will replace Celebrity Splash in the nearest future.

celebrity trash

idea: 2015.04.26, drawing: 2015.04.26

Rapid eating

rapid eating
idea: 2012.08.21, drawing: 2012.10.23

How to relax when there is too much to do at home

The sound of running water is very relaxing. Therefore, in order to regenerate body and mind exhausted by everyday household duties, it’s best to go to the water e.g. to the nearest sink and wash the dishes 🙂

i will wash the dishes to relax myself

concept and drawing ca. 1995

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